Wear your confidence with bamboolux.com

Wear your confidence with bamboolux.com
At Banboolux.comwe are inspired by the power of yoga for better living.  We aim to provide the best yoga clothing that let you power-your-way through anywhere from studio-to-work, sunrise-to-moonlit while staying balanced, fashion-forward, and stylish.

At Lunayoga online is where you will find innovative exceptional modern cutting-edge, trendsetting, top-of-the-line, must have yoga clothing to wear anywhere anytime before and after daily sessions to transition to evening soirees in impeccable style.

Our active wear are engineered with you in mind to bring balance, versatility to your every day fitness activities by providing a polished feminine casual chic to your yoga wardrobe essentials.
Our trendy collections are tailored to give you a form-fitting, waist-slimming, shape-compression which will balance your yogi style to a state-of-the-art perfect fit.
Like the moon and the sun complements each other, our clothing line empowers you through daily activities, nightlife, hassle-free, comfortable, luxurious high performance yoga gears that compliment your style. Your day is balanced as the moon and the sun!